Micro Wedding at Aikwood Tower // Lindsay & Spencer

It’s hard to believe it has been a year since this captivating micro wedding which took place at the enchanting Aikwood Tower in the heart of the Scottish Borders. Get ready to immerse yourself in the story of Lindsay and Spencer’s intimate celebration.

What is a Micro Wedding?

A micro wedding beautifully blends the essence of an elopement and a traditional wedding, focusing on the closest family and friends.

The Tale of a Little Merchant Ghost

During our pre-wedding conversation, Lindsay and Spencer shared the charming story behind their proposal, involving a quaint merchant ghost from York. The inspiration for Lindsay’s stunning dress stemmed from this heartwarming moment.

Aikwood Tower – a Perfect Micro Wedding Venue

Nestled in the Scottish Borders, Aikwood Tower boasts over 500 years of history and medieval castle charm. Despite the short and chilly autumn days, the coziness of this beautifully renovated tower provided an ideal setting for their intimate celebration.

Personalising the Micro Wedding

Lindsay’s Ghost London Bridal dress echoed the tale of the little ghost, while Spencer’s attire exuded a 1970s rock star vibe with a velvet jacket and silver boots. 

Lindsay and Spencer personalised their ceremony and incorporated ancient Celtic traditions, such as the ring warming and handfasting – symbolising their commitment and love.

They  also shared a drink during the ceremony which is connected to the old Scottish traction of drinking from quaich and symbolises trust and sharing. To make it even more special, they written their own wedding vows. All these little elements made their ceremony very personal, romantic and touching. 

Creating an Intimate Atmosphere

 For their micro wedding, they wanted to share a candle-lit meal with their family and friends. The table was beautifully styled by Get Knotted creating a romantic and warm ambience, offering a perfect setting for shared moments with their cherished family and friends.

5 Reasons Why Micro Weddings Are a Great Choice

  • Intimacy: Celebrate surrounded by your closest family and friends.
  • Personalisation: Craft your day exactly as you envision.
  • Budget-Friendly: Allocate resources to elements that matter most.
  • Flexibility: Choose unique and significant venues.
  • Quality Time: Cherish meaningful interactions with each guest.


In conclusion, this intimate micro wedding at Aikwood Tower beautifully encapsulates the essence of love, nature, and nostalgia. Lindsay and Spencer’s personalised celebration invites us to appreciate the beauty of human connection.

If you’re planning a micro wedding or elopement and looking for a photographer please get in touch.


Venue: Aikwood Tower

Make up & Hair: KJ Shields

Flowers & Styling: Get Knotted