Secret proposal at Seacliff Beach

Bim and Jeri’s secret proposal at Seacliff Beach was a truly lovely experience. And the backdrop of Tantallon Castle added a magical touch to this beautiful moment.

In this blog, I’m going to share the full story of this beautiful secret proposal at Seacliff Beach. 

Planning the secret proposal

Bim contacted me months before the day he planned to propose, with a clear vision of proposing on a idyllic beach. At that point, he was yet to settle on the exact one. I suggested a couple of my favourite in East Lothian. We discussed his dream, and Bim set his heart on a beach that I also absolutely adore. Seacliff Beach was earmarked to be the perfect location.

During the preparation for Bim’s proposal, we were in regular contact. I shared insights about the location and the different approaches to capturing the proposal, all to make sure everything ran smoothly on the day. Understanding the tidal times was crucial for the best view of Tantallon Castle. 

Pro tip: Checking tidal times is essential when planning any type of event on a beach.

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The day of a secret proposal on Seacliff Beach.

On the wintery day of the proposal, I was discreetly positioned near the view of Tantallon Castle. I played the role of a nature photographer taking photos of the iconic Castle. 

When Bim and Jeri approached the spot, Bim wasted no time, he knelt and proposed, eliciting pure joy from Jeri. It was an amazing experience to be a part of. The connection between Bim and Jeri unfolded most beautifully, showing their strong bond. Watching emotions come to the surface warmed my heart. Despite my role in documenting this precious moment, I couldn’t hold back a tear of joy for Bim and Jeri’s happiness.

After the surprise moment We explored the beach in it’s glorious winter light, as I captured their loving bond. 

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Kind Words

Upon sharing the final pictures with Bim and Jeri, I received some kind words from them.

1000/10 Experience from Start to Finish. Aga was absolutely wonderful from the start. I contacted her months before to arrange a surprise proposal to my then-girlfriend (now fiance), Jeri. As I was incredibly nervous and anxious about the process I was trying to work out every single detail from proposal times, specific spots, and high and low tide times to make sure everything was perfect. Aga took all of my anxious information to heart and never grew tired of my constant back-and-forth communication.

On the day of the proposal, Aga was on the beach pretending to be a nature photographer as I led Jeri to the spot. Even though I forgot to let Aga know when I was proposing she managed to catch the most perfect photos of the moment. Truly the best day of my life and now we have such beautiful pictures to remember them forever.

The pictures are stunning and every time Jeri passes them in the house she can’t help but smile as she thinks back to that perfect day. Again, I can’t thank Aga enough for all the work she went into capturing our emotional moment. Thank you so much!

– Bim & Jeri