Hi, Iā€™m Aga

I strive to capture TIMELESS images, a harmonious blend of candid moments that narrate your unique love story.


A gap year brought me to the enchanting city of Edinburgh in the early 2000s, and I quickly knew I had found my forever home. This vibrant city became the canvas on which I painted my journey as a photographer.

Scotland's untamed wilderness has been my muse, an ever-present source of inspiration that never fails to stimulate my creativity. The stunning landscapes and rugged beauty offer a backdrop like no other, setting the stage for the countless love stories I've had the joy of capturing.

My approach

My approach to photography is deeply rooted in the genuine connection between couples, the play of natural light, and the beauty of our surroundings. I strive to craft your special day into a visual story filled with genuine emotions and authentic moments. Think of it as timeless images, a harmonious blend of candid moments that narrate your unique love story.

Why Mint & Jasmine?

"Mint & Jasmine" It's a nod to my two daughters and our shared love for rambling adventures, exploring Scotland's wild nature with our spirited spaniel, Luna. As a family, including my wonderful partner Olly who sometimes joins me as my second shooter, we seek out secret places and special moments ā€“ a tradition that mirrors the essence of my photography.

A few more things about me...

I'm a coffee lover who can't resist the aroma of a fresh brew. My guilty pleasures: binge-watching series, enjoying Haribo, and savouring salt & vinegar crisps. Not necessarily all together. And if there's one cuisine that always hits the spot for me, it's a delicious curry!

Your love story deserves to be more than a moment, it deserves to be an adventure, an experience, a timeless memory etched in pixels. Join me, and let's embark on a visual journey together. The landscapes are boundless, and the love stories even more so.

Your adventure starts here!

Kind words

Aurora & Eddie

ā€” Aurora & Eddie

Bride and Groom standing in the Writers Museum courtyard Edinburgh

Edinburgh ā€” Scotland


We are delighted we chose Aga to take our wedding photos.

The photos from our pre-wedding shoot, and the wedding itself, are absolutely beautiful. They captured the mood and all the little details perfectly. We couldn't have asked for more!

Aga was a pleasure to have with us on our big day. She put us at ease in front of the camera and gave us gentle direction when needed. The results speak for themselves! We would thoroughly recommend Aga and are already thinking about another shoot!

Thank you so much again.

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